Campus-Wide Budget Presentation - Shared screen with speaker view
Vanessa Vincent
How will you being incorporating IRPs for STAFF
Crystal Henderson
Would you repeat the amount or how many months need to be in reserves?
Erin Fullerton
Great presentation - highly informative! This should be mandatory "training" for all managers. Thank you, Leon, Matias and Randy!
Ricardo Fierro
I didn't record the numbers. What is the difference between the general operating budget and expenses?
Ricardo Fierro
The FTES that we achieve are much higher than the funded FTES. 1. How does CSUSM fund that gap (e.g., reserves)? 2. Do you expect the CSU to allocate more funds to CSUSM to close that gap?
Carmen Nava
Will there be future opportunities for learning how the Compact will work for us?
Chelsey Novak
Because we are over target for registrations, is the Chancellors office penalizing us in our allocations? I recall that used to be the practice if we went over target numbers.
Mary Oling-Sisay
Hi Matias, Leon and Randy, little more clarification regarding over target by the CO as I don’t want folks to think we don’t need to continue outreach because there his a difference between the CO target and our need to meet our campus goals in order to remain viable. Its nuanced the over target thing
Vee Vandereb
For our funded enrollment, how does actual FTEs admitted impact the resident funded FTEs? Referring back to the chart in 2021-2022, we enrolled more FTEs than the Resident Funded FTE number. How has that impacted our university and what would you suggest to improve this area?
Liora Gubkin
What role does CSU play in developing how the metrics are determined?
Ricardo Fierro
We historically achieve more FTES than our target, but the overage in FTES has declined over the past few years. Is that deliberate or a consequence of the looming enrollment crisis? How are we addressing declining enrollment, which affects the budget.
Erin Fullerton
Does that $14K figure include housing?
Erin Fullerton
The cost of educating one student?
Liora Gubkin
metrics for Compact
Aswad Allen
Is it fair to say we will see the financial benefit of enrollment growth, but we will need to maintain fiscal focus over the next 18-24 months?
Erin Fullerton
In other words, if we were to pay a "full board" scholarship to one student for one year, what would that cost?
Justin Lewis (he/him/his)
How is the campus prioritizing the cost of enrolling students with greater academic needs (due to COVID, lower academic prep, etc.)? Higher enrollment is great, but some of these students cost MORE to support (academic probation, mental health, etc.)?
Mary Oling-Sisay
Our bigger challenge in addition to declining prospective students is retention.. we will not be able to recruit our way out of this we need to shore up retention in a big way
Mary Oling-Sisay
And we have a very competitive environment in the recruitment landscape
Laurie Orr
Agreed! This is something that needs priority attention.
Vanessa Vincent
Speaking of retention, our STAFF retention and staff position vacancies need to be addressed. Overworking our Staff without compensation is not a solution.
Ricardo Fierro
Agree, that we need more outreach and recruitment, that the looming enrollment crisis (lower birth rates, changing demographics, higher costs of higher education, …) is here and we cannot recruit our way out of this problem and that retention is KEY to solving this problem.
Ricardo Fierro
Retention is a financial and moral imperative.
Ernest Cisneros
Retaining students is harder than ever right now with cost of living and trying to meet basic needs.
Mary Oling-Sisay
Agree Leon .. perhaps to add to Justin’s query we need to prioritize resourcing student support infrastructure.. that stuff is expensive
Ricardo Fierro
In my view, Social Mobility is a by-product of what we do.
Mary Oling-Sisay
And streamlining the student support infrasctrure
Vee Vandereb
Agreeing with the outreach, we need to get out to schools earlier. Research shows we need to connect with students at a critical point in their life when they decide which path they want to follow in their life. By the time they are in high school, it is highly likely that they have already made their decision based on the access of information they have had before that time. From our experience, we only have enough staff to go to high schools and speak to seniors. Students want more then just a degree, they want a support system from beginning to end that is clear to them.
Marivel Rojas
Our local service area communities are in dire need of Early Outreach. This type of outreach is critical when considering the student life cycle.
Ronald Ramirez
Strategic product growth, in addition to retention, is another imperative for addressing enrollment.
Justin Lewis (he/him/his)
Thank you Leon and Mary. Just a quick plug for EAIP (Early Academic Intervention Plan) three HEERF funded positions aimed to address academic probation EARLY. Currently not funded past June 2023.
Lisa Punelli
Agreed, Vanessa.
Mary Oling-Sisay
Thank you Leon, Matias, and Randy!!!!!! Very informative. Have a great Thursday everyone
Julie Lindenmeier
🙌 YES!!! Dr. Allen!
Erin Fullerton
Thank you!
Lisa McLean
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Jennifer Ralph
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Marivel Rojas
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Maria Venegas Escobedo
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Thanks very much!
Alison Scheer-Cohen
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Javier Esparza Pina
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Oliver Bahman
Thank you, all!