BLP Town Hall 2 - Extended Learning MOU - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Ballentine
can you walk thru an example scenario to illustrate the proposed formula?
Janet B
How is FTEs impacted by summer or winter terms? Would an undergrad student talking 12 units in each term of Summer, Fall, and Spring for instance be considered 1 FTEs or 1.33 FTEs?
Jennifer Ballentine
kudos to all!!! hard work made to look simple and easy!
Janet B
Same with head count- is head account for the program going to be divided pro rata for a student who starts in the Spring with only a few months left in the AY?
Janet B
*head count
Carl Kemnitz
@Janet B, undergrad FTES total units over the course of the full year (any term) divided by 30 (15 per semester for two semesters). So a student taking 15 units, every semestger for three semesters (45 units) in one year is 1.33 FTES for the year.
Pamela Kohlbry
How will the new incoming CEHHS Dean who will work extensively with EL be structurally included in these discussions beginningJuly2021?
Janet B
Got it. Thanks, Provost Kemnitz
Malachi Harper
Cost allocation through multiple cost drivers is akin to multiple linear regression, using independent variables to explain cost behavior due to the mixed fixed/variable nature of such overhead/indirect costs. Here, how is your FTEs and Headcount model accounting for the multi-collinearity issues generated by the causal relationship between your two 'disparate' independent variables
Staci Beavers
I have to get to another meeting at 2 p.m., but I want to thank all of the task force members for a collegial work experience. Special shout-outs to Godfrey and to Clint for their leadership and for handling this task with such grace under tough circumstances.
Carl Kemnitz
Thank you, Staci!
Judit Hersko
Thank you all for your work
Malachi Harper
Thank you Clint! As accountants we appreciate the job security provided by the details we love to work with.
Pamela Kohlbry
Thank you Clint, Godfrey, Carl, and Alan for the leadership and the taskforce work.
Andrew Spieldenner (he/il/el)
Yes - your leadership in this area has been amazing